EFT z mag. Irmino Rakun Alif, certificirano supervizorko in terapevtko

EFT individual supervision (online and in person), group supervision

I am registered with ICEEFT and have supervisor-in-training status. I offer individual supervision online and in person. I take great pleasure in seeing my dear supervisees grow their EFT skills and feel more confident in their work with clients. I also support some of them on their path to becoming licenced EFT therapists. 

EFT supervision is based on a humanistic, experiential foundation, and we generally do not focus only on “case consultation.” The process of professional and personal growth is about much more!

Supervisees are given a unique opportunity to gain an invaluable perspective on their own emotional experience, which is always part of the therapeutic process. It is the process of transformation where you as the therapist are the focus, you are supported, and you are invested in. My goal is not to evaluate you or your work, but to provide more opportunities for you to grow, expand and evolve!

The supervision approach I use in my work follows the ACES model developed by ICEEFT. The acronym “ACES” describes the types of areas we can discuss in our time together.
A stands for Alliance, C for Conceptual, E for Experiential, and S for Self-of-therapist.

This means that in our sessions, I will consider with you which of these areas might require our attention and focus. Depending on what we decide, I will invite you to use a variety of tools to support your learning. These may include looking at and discussing recordings of your work with clients, role-playing, practise interventions, suggestions for additional reading, exploration of Self-of-Therapist issues that arise from your work, and evaluating your progress or experience with supervision.

It is my desire that supervision with me will provide a positive, safe, and supportive environment for your growth as a therapist.

Working professionally  

I am a Lifetime Member of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT).

I work under the Ethical codex of Marriage and family therapists Association in Slovenia and abide by their ethical framework.


Individual supervision:

  1. 70€ (50-60 min)
  2. 65€ (50 min)  students from Sigmund Freud University Vienna-branch Outpatient clinic Ljubljana
  3. 100$ for 50-60 min (therapists from USA and Canada)

Group supervision:

40€ per person in group of 6 supervisee


Kaj lahko pričakujete:

posebno skrb bom namenila ustvarjanju varnega čustvenega  prostora med udeleženci in uglašenemu vodenju skupine. Spoznali boste lahko pristop EFT, navezanost v ljubezenskih odnosih odraslih, uporabo EFT intervencij, pridobili nove čustvene izkušnje preko igre vlog, ogledali si bomo videoposnetke terapij, imeli boste lahko predstavitev dela s parom iz lastne klinične prakse (ni obvezno), dobili boste priporočila za dodaten študijski material za delo s pari.

Datumi srečanj (9):

srede:  5. 10., 9. 11., 7. 12., 11. 1., 15. 2., 8. 3., 5. 4., 10. 5., 7. 6.

Od 10h-11.30 ali 16.30-18h. Upoštevali bomo želje udeležencev.

Skupina je zaprtega tipa, število udeležencev je omejeno na 6.

Cena: 40€ na srečanje (360€ za vse leto).

Prijave in vprašanja: irmina@integracija.si


za študente SFU Ljubljana

Cena: 70 € (50 min)